Game Play

Disclaimer: The videos were shared with consent of the owner (a volunteer tester).

Profile and Settings

Checkout your profile and configure your desired settings.


Use your Training Balls confidently without google translate or cheat sheet.


Tried converting Chinese text when you are about to choose an attribute? No worries we got it covered

Ladder Lobby

Now it's easier to understand your Ladder stats. Checking your ladder history and other player's, is now a breeze.

PVP lobby

Buttons now are easier to understand

Match history

Victory / Defeat, as well as points are now converted


Shop for Skills (dont for get your daily FREE Draw), items, in-battle emo, special action, etc

Leaderboard Statistics

Check out other player's standing and compare yours


Check your club members, join Club leauge, purchase from club shop, and many more


All collected items goes here. Open boxes and consume rewards stashed in your Bag

Latest update as of 21-Jan-2020

Ladder Match Gameplay

Buttons, My Stat, applauses, surrrender buttons are now in English

Disclaimer: This video content was shared with consent of the owner (a volunteer tester).