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How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out HERE
Hi People, I've already fixed the mail sending function. Kindly try doing a forgot password or resend email confirmation again. Thanks. If you are still not receiving any email notification , please drop me a message at [email protected] . Thanks!
How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out here :

What's next in the Pipeline?

edited January 2020 in General

Welcome! I hope you are enjoying the FREE translation content and BH TW is now a bit playable :) Due to too many text needed to be translated. Will be slowing down a bit on the progress...

Will also appreciate if you will be able to help to support us a bit (see the yellow paypal box on the right side, appreciate if you can buy us a coffee) , translating more than 10K lines is a bit mad. excluding the image button editing. Imagine the amount of effort done to provide this for FREE publicly.

in the Pipe Line

1) Continue to edit other static images.

2) Player names and info Translation - e.g. Kong, Leslie, etc

3) Talent & Skill names Translation - e.g. Step back, Fancy Crossover, etc

4) Fashion name Translation

5) Announcements - this is a best part, you don't need to translate every new announcement that will be launched.

**NOTE: Those supporters can get an exclusive early update to translated contents as thanks. please make sure you send me your transaction id plus your account (you used to register on the app patcher) at so we can add you to the VIP Supporter List.

Thank you.


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