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How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out HERE
Hi People, I've already fixed the mail sending function. Kindly try doing a forgot password or resend email confirmation again. Thanks. If you are still not receiving any email notification , please drop me a message at [email protected] . Thanks!
How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out here :

New Buy and Sell corner

edited June 2020 in General

While this is not supported officially by you know who, let's just be real here. No one will play a game forever and it's just normal for people to sell their account in order to the gain back some $$$ that one has spent on the game. I would like to open this Marketplace/avenue to everyone and become a the One-Stop Shop for accounts. But please thread carefully, I heard a lot of cases, not only recently but also from the past regarding scamming. Regardless the race, there will be scammers. Please be warned.

How to avoid getting scammed? Here are some tips you can have a smooth transaction.

  1. Transact and communicate here via PM. If you use Facebook or other messaging app, I won't be able to confirm your claim, if a member is really a scammer or not.
  2. Use a middle man. What is a middle man? Middle man is someone who has good reputation and is trusted by the community. How does middle man work? Basically he will verify the account for sale and hold the account until until the payment was received by the seller. Therefore like I have said the middle man, should be a reputable person. you can have middle man who is a friend of the seller nor the friend of the buyer. You get the idea right? Some PRO middle man will lay out the complete procedures to you.
  3. (Optional) Upon successful transaction, top up the account right away. This will be your key and proof that you are the real account owner incase of dispute.

How do you post an account for sale here?

  1. Register and confirm your email - NOTE: to all yahoo email users , please use gmail instead. we do not support yahoo email as their mail server SUX. (email me at [email protected] is you did not receive the notification)
  2. Upon successful email confirmation. Discussion button will be available to you. Click on it
  3. and select the Category : "Accounts For Sale"
  4. From the texteditor below, you may attach the photos by clicking the photo Icon
  5. or attach a video using the paperclip icon (max 10mb)

Just a disclaimer. this site will not held responsible for any dispute on any transaction between buyer and seller, therefore be cautious. This site seeks to help genuine people to acquire new accounts who would want to enjoy the game.

If you are a fucking scammer like "Majan", yes you know this guy from the Baketball Hero days, Go to hell asshole not here.

Send me an email, if you find anyone suspicious lingering here.

Again please use the PM here in this site so i can trace it properly.

Thanks and please leave you comment below if you have any questions.

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