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How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out HERE
Hi People, I've already fixed the mail sending function. Kindly try doing a forgot password or resend email confirmation again. Thanks. If you are still not receiving any email notification , please drop me a message at [email protected] . Thanks!
How to Patch the Dunk Nation/Basketball HERO Taiwan to English? Check out here :

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Hi Guys,

*This is not a rant.* It's been a month now since I released the English Patch for Basketball HERO Taiwan (Streetbasketball TW), but just to share with you, I've haven't received support in $$$ :D haha NO WORRIES, I'm not expecting one, Just now I just thought, probably I can give more something premium to anyone who will support me on my Translation effort. See below what I came up with.

Show your support by dropping me a min of $5 paypal gift and you get these helpful.


1. Chat : **** removal - if you are tired seeing *** on in game chat, we can remove this limiter for you as a gift. (check the preview below).

2. Q&A - with answer - if you are tired google translating the question. no problem, we can help you with the answer, just select the option with "-A" suffix (check the preview below).

3. IGN limit removal - Having trouble with your desired English IGN getting accepted ? Regardless whethere on new Character Sign up or Change name you may specify your own English ign.

More benefit coming ... (min donate might increase)

4. Heroes in their English name and descriptions (in progress)

5. Skills and talents in English name and description (in progress)


IGN limit removal

Chat - **** removal

Guided answer on Q&A event

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